About Us

Together in Building the Nation
Together in Building the Nation

Working together to create sustainable improvement for a better Indonesia.

At Bayan Peduli, we believe that the future of the nation hinges on the success of its people. That's why we are committed to empowering communities and creating a more equitable and prosperous future for all.

Established in April 2022, Bayan Peduli is a corporate philanthropic initiative by the founding shareholder of PT Bayan Resources Tbk, Dr. Dato Low Tuck Kwong. Carrying the mission to deliver positive social impact for the Indonesian people, Bayan Peduli actively promotes and organizes a wide range of impactful Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs to address key national issues under the four essential pillars of Education, Good Health & Well-being, Socioeconomic & Culture, and Environmental Sustainability (Biodiversity).

In these areas, we believe in working together with our partners and communities toward sustainable progress. We understand that real progress takes time, effort, and a dedicated heart, which is why we are committed to building meaningful relationships with our partners and stakeholders. Together, we can create societal and economic value and make a positive impact that lasts for generations to come.


Director's message

"Together in Building the Nation" is not just a tagline for us; it embodies the spirit of unity and shared responsibility that drives us forward. Our ultimate aim is to bring about systemic change in Indonesia, igniting a brighter future where opportunities abound and people’s well-being is uplifted.

Dato' Dr. Low Tuck Kwong
CEO of PT Bayan Resources Tbk.